The first time you start Heroes of Umbra, a settings file is created in the same directory as the JAR. In the future, the options screen will be an interface to this settings file and manipulate it for the user in-game, but for now, direct manipulation of the settings file is required to change the game's options.

On windows-based operating systems, selecting "Options" will open your settings.ini file as a temporary shortcut.

The following options are configurable in the settings file. If modifying the settings file causes the game to crash, you may delete the file to generate a new one. Pressing F2 in-game will also reload the settings file.

Network OptionsEdit

  • lastIP -- The last IP you've successfully connected to. 
  • port -- both the port your own games listen on and the port used when attempting to connect. By default, the port is 24234.

Notification OptionsEdit

  • showExp -- Whether or not to display an indicator when a monster is defeated detailing the amount of Experience earned.
  • showMoney -- Whether or not to display an indicator on the bottom right of the screen when flips are picked up.
  • showItem -- Whether or not to show a notification in chat when an item is picked up.
  • showLevelUp -- Whether or not to show server-wide messages when players level up

Video OptionsEdit

Currently not implemented

Audio OptionsEdit

  • musicVolume -- Controls music volume with 0 being muted and 1 being full volume. Floating point numbers (eg., 0.75) are of course supported.
  • soundVolume -- Controls volume of sound effects, with identical input to the above.

Control OptionsEdit

  • left -- the key to press when moving left
  • right -- the key to press when moving right
  • ...etc

All values for keys must be the key's "friendly-name" as shown below. Currently, the following keys are available to use for the controls

Keyboard Key Friendly Name
Arrow Keys left, right, up, or down
Number Keys 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0
Letter Keys q,w,e,r, ...etc
Shift or
Control r.ct or l.ct
Alt r.alt or l.alt
Space spc
Enter entr
Escape esc
Insert ins
Delete del
Home home
End end
Page Up pgup
Page Down pgdn

When choosing a key, please use the exact string from the friendly name column above. 

Map Viewer SettingsEdit

Custom maps for Heroes of Umbra can be created and played in-game with the following options.

For now, check this blog post for details.

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