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The Skills screen.

Skills are learned by allocating in Skill Points from the main menu. Skill Points are earned at a rate at one per level. By allocating Skill Points into a particular branch, you unlock newer tiers of skills.

Skills max at Rank 9. Some equipment may add ranks to a particular skill and even go beyond this limit. Unfortunately, equipment cannot add ranks to a skill you do not have.

Previously, there were two skill trees to choose from: Physical and Magical; however, 0.30a introduced a third tree: Agile.


Tier 1Edit


Swing with massive strength to deal damage to nearby enemies. Deals 150% damage at Rank 1, plus 25% additional damage per rank. (350% at Rank 9)


Leap forward with a burst of speed, damaging enemies in your path. Leap damage and distance is improved every rank.

Weapon KnowledgeEdit

Passively boosts damage of all physical attacks and abilities slightly.


Automatically regenerate a bit of health over time. The greater the level, the more frequently your health regenerates.

Tier 2Edit

Weapon TossEdit

Throw your weapon like a boomerang, damaging all enemies in your path.


Passively reflect back a portion of all touch damage dealt to you. Each rank grants a 1.5% reduction to all damage, and of that damage received, 33.3..% of it, per rank, is reflected back. At rank 9, the player will receive a 13.5% reduction in damage and return back 300% of the damage dealt. Additionally provides a bonus to max HP.


A self-buff that heals a portion of your health per swing back to the attacker. At rank 9, 2.5% of the attacker's max HP is returned for each attack. Does not stack with Berserk.

Tier 3Edit


A self-buff that boosts attack speed, crit rate, and weapon power.


Damages all enemies on the ground. Must be cast from midair.


Briefly turn into a small cyclone, increasing speed, defense, and rapidly damaging anything in your path.

Tier 4Edit


Dash forward, dealing massive damage to enemies in your path.


Passively increases your attack power when your EP is less than 6.


Tier 1Edit


Launch a fireball horizontally.


Recover HP of yourself and nearby allies. Damages undead enemies.

Magic MasteryEdit

Increases EP regeneration rate and damage of spells.

Tier 2Edit


Summon a large lightning bolt to damage your foes. The spell also temporarily buffs the player with a spherical charge of lightning that damages enemies it touches.


Temporarily increases defense of yourself and nearby players.


Boosts the effectiveness and/or duration of consumable items.

Tier 3Edit


Freezes enemies in front of the player.


Temporarily increases defense of yourself and nearby players.


Summon a small region that prevents all damage.

Tier 4Edit


Spells have a chance to slow enemies they touch. 


Heavily damages enemies that are slowed. Removes the slow effect.


Temporarily boosts cast speed and EP regeneration of yourself and nearby players.

Agile Edit

Tier 1 Edit

Dagger Mastery Edit

Passively increases damage dealt with daggers. Stacks with Weapon Knowledge.

Ransack Edit

Burst forward. Damages enemies and steals a small amount of flips.

Cruelty Edit

Critical hits gradually heal HP over time. Getting a second critical hit while the regeneration is active refreshes the timer. This stacks with Regenerate, but does not stack with items that give regenerative effects, such as Hot Tea.

Tier 2 Edit

Stealth Edit

Prevents enemies from seeing or damaging the player for a brief time. Attacking or getting hurt by some other obstacle cancels the buff early.

Backstab Edit

Quickly stab, dealing massive damage to enemies if hit from behind

Crit Mastery Edit

Breaking stealth temporarily boosts critical hit rate.

Tier 3 Edit

Enchant Poison Edit

Temporarily increases damage and gives basic attacks a chance to poison enemies.

Rapid Strike Edit

Rapidly attack the area in front of the player.

Haggle Edit

Reduces cost of items and increases sell value of owned items.

Tier 4 Edit

Fortune Edit

Temporarily increases money drop rate for all nearby players. 

Greed Edit

Increases money pickup radius substantially.

Coin Toss Edit

Throw money at the enemies, dealing massive damage.

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